Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lambertville High School

The original Lambertville High School was built in 1854, on top of a large hill overlooking the Delaware River. It was only five years after the town of Lambertville became incorporated. At this time, the town had less than 1,500 residents.

Though named for the town it was in, the high school in Lambertville acted as a regional school, taking students from several of the surrounding towns, It also operated all grades until more schools were built in the late 1880's. 

The school suffered a major fire in 1926, which left the structure in bad shape. A year later it was remodled, and doubled in size. A large stone was placed at the new front entrance, presented by the class of 1927. 

However, it was only thrity two years after this when the school closed its doors once again. The new South Hunterdon Regional High school was built to replace the old school. Several alumni of the school met at the grounds when the school closed, having a barbeque and party in honor of the service the school provided.

The building would go on to be used by a company called Taurus Electronics Corp., but after several years it began to fall into disrepair. In 1992. another fire gutted the already vacant school. It was ruled arson, as the building was already a magnet for vandals. According to the buildings owner at the time, Rick Wilson, the building had experienced several fires in the years before.

Local developers wanted to convert the school into subsidized houseing, but those plans were dashed 
Another fire gutted the building in 1992, which compromised the interior of the building. The building stood empty for two more decades, serving as a place for police to issue tickets until eventually it was demolished in 2012. The land where the school stood remains empty, much like it did in the early 1800's. Now the school only lives on through photos, stories, and the memories shared by those who once walked its halls.

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