Friday, April 17, 2015

The Ridgeline Monastery Home

Sitting in the middle of a neighborhood, two blighted and soon to be demolished monastery buildings sit behind a large stone wall. The main building of this small complex is still in use, while two residential buildings and the gatehouse crumble with time.

I don't know when these beautiful buildings were built, but I do know their days are limited. The land they are on changed hands recently, and after making some improvements to the grounds the new owners have decided they want these buildings gone.

Stepping inside, I quickly asked myself, "why?"

Room after room, that question in my head kept getting repeated louder, and louder, and louder still.

Beautiful hardwood floors line the entire building. Stained glass depictions of saints and other religious ephemera dotted the crumbling structures.

The staircases were very intricate as well.

I lost count of all the fireplaces.

After exiting the building, I knew I had to come back with a camera. When I did, I also managed to get into the building behind the main monastery home.

The first floor lounge area didn't connect to the second floor, and didn't have the same charm that the main building did.

But the second floor was much nicer looking. A furnished kitchen greeted me as I ascended the stairs, and the spacious dormitories mostly all had fireplaces as well.

I don't know how much longer we have these buildings for, but until there future is decided with absolute certainty, I won't subject he building to the abuse that posting it's real name entails. Especially since the building is sitting right next to houses in a quiet residential area. I don't want the beautiful buildings to become a party spot, as almost every other known locale in this area becomes.

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